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Typical Products
Ghiottini, the famous almond cantuccini
A long history of goodness

Some of the most classic recipes of Tuscan pastry cuisine originated in the vivacious setting of this place and this extraordinary period.
Grafted to this tradition is the story of Enzo Salaorni who in 1953, working in a small workshop in Florence, reinterpreted and personalized the ancient recipe for cantuccini, giving the pastry a new life.
Ghiott Dolciaria was born at that moment, more than 50 years ago, and it still operates in the splendid landscape of Chianti on the slope below the marvelous Badia a Passignano monastery. And it continues the tradition of those who have made tradition their watchword.
Ghiott has always paid close attention to ingredients. Before they are used, all the raw materials are meticulously analyzed by the Sinal laboratories (the peak level of accreditation) and are all of the highest quality.
Ghiott’s suppliers, all ISO-certified, are carefully selected and for that reason they represent the starting point for products that serve as parameters of reference qualitatively for Tuscan confectionery—the almonds, for example, must be Mediterranean almonds only and of the finest quality.
In addition, PRODUCT CERTIFICATION, which has been conferred upon the Ghiottini by the BVQI, guarantees the quality and quantity of the principal raw materials used and the absence from the recipe of colorants or preservatives.
Packaging is also of great importance. It is designed to maintain intact the product’s characteristics: freshness, crunchiness, softness and aroma.
The new graphics design, on grocers’ shelves since February 2004, refers to and promotes the connection with Florence and the company’s roots in the zone, situated among the gentle hills of Chianti.
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